What is your dream wedding shoes?

Wedding shoes are an integral part of personal style. The bride chooses footwear very carefully on the wedding day. Some people like high heels, while others like sandals. It depends on the bride's most comfortable style.

However, certain styles of wedding shoes have attracted everyone's attention. One of them is the classic lace high heels. As far as bridal fashion is concerned, lace, especially satin lace, is a classic. There are many different versions of these pumps, and each version is more beautiful than the previous one.

Then there are open-toed high heels with a big bow on the front. These are shocking and prove the bride's keen eye for trends. With the recent preference for colors, such as bold colors such as red and green in bridal gowns, these shoes have also begun to come on the market in eye-catching tones; to say the least, they are charming.

The high-heeled shoes with the party in the back are worth mentioning here. The high heels of this pair of shoes are covered with sequins, beads, stones, crystals, which will attract your attention and make you obsessed for a long time.


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