• 2020 Best Beautiful Floral Gowns Dresses

    As a bride, you want your bridesmaids to feel beautiful and confident in whatever bridesmaid dress you choose. The design needs to be one that suits your wedding day but also flatters a range of body types well.

  • Black Wedding Dress

  • Fabulous Flocking Powder Manicure

    It is true that nail art these days has reached the unknown levels of creativity and uniqueness. That is why there is some intricate technique appearing on almost a daily basis. Flocking powder has been in for a while now, but most people are still reluctant to give it a try. Today, we are going to devote this article to the matter as well as we will provide the best examples of such a manicure so that there is no doubt you are going to try it out!
  • Creative Ideas for Red Acrylic Nails Designs

    Red acrylic nails are perfect both for parties and business meetings. They have lots of benefits. Acrylic is strong and it will be able to protect your nails. Plus, it makes the perfect surface for nail art designs.
  • Ombre Design For Coffin Nails

    These long press on nails combine several mind-blowing trends at a time. First, the color combo reminds of the classic French manicure with milky tips and nude nail beds. Second, as these two shades melt in each other, the ombre effect is achieved. And finally, the coffin shape brings it to the whole new level.
  • French Mani Dancer Nails Wedding Nails Elegant Nails

  • 2019 New Trend in Wedding Dress

    Walking down the aisle is not only about the ceremony, but also a fashion show. Finding the perfect dress for this special occasion is all part of its iconic and momentous charm. Checking the 20 gorgeous wedding dresses we love below and I’m sure you’ll also love them.
  • Stunning Modern Wedding Ideas

    For couples who are not into formal, modern affairs, country rustic wedding theme will be a great choice, which offers an opportunity to inject the...
  • 25+ Disney Cutest Stiletto Nails Design Inspiration

    Our top way to flaunt our Disney fever is nail art. There’s so much more inspiration than mouse ears! Read on for 20 ideas to get your cartoon creativity flowing.
  • 10+ Almond Marble Nails Ideas

    Marble nail art looks so chic and it works beautifully with glitter. Here we have a stunning example. Some of the nails are black and gold glitter but there are two accent designs. 
  • 20+ Christmas Centerpiece Brown Candles

    There are many different reasons why candles are associated with Christmas, although no one knows when they first became connected, thing that makes the mystery even more interesting.Perhaps the most famous use of candles at Christmas are Carols by Candlelight Services. These are services when the church is only lit by candles.
  • Amazing Winter Snowy Nails Art Design

    Cute and adorable snow filled winter nail art design. The nails are painted in base color with tree branches and  leaves. The glitter polish serves as the design for the French tip.