2020 Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding in winter? Why not? The cold weather should not stop you from celebrating your special day or it does not have to be winter to achieve a winter-themed wedding. There is something magical and fairytale-like vibe in the winter wedding theme. It somehow reminds you of royalty and princesses. So, if you are planning to have a winter wonderland wedding, here are some beautiful winter wedding decoration ideas.


Color Palette and Winter Wedding

One way to achieve a perfect winter wedding is by using colors. Of course, you are free to use any color palette that you wish, but the shades of grey, white, shiny silver, and navy blue all represent the winter colors. You can use these colors for your invitation, tablecloths, bridesmaids dresses, and even on your cake.


Winter Wedding Bouquets

Although limited, there are still some beautiful flowers that bloom during winter. Some of them are gardenias, amaryllis, French tulips, poinsettias, roses, and orchids. All these flowers can make a beautiful and sophisticated winter wedding bouquet. Add some pinecones and cotton to complete your winter wedding bouquet.

Snowflakes and Pinecones Winter Wedding Cake

For a unique wedding cake, style it with snowflakes and pinecones. You can have your cake in white or other winter color palettes like navy blue, silver, and grey. You can also add a touch of red by adding some poinsettias or other seasonal winter flowers. Whether your wedding cake is a single layer or two, there are so many different wedding cake designs you can come up with pinecones and snowflakes.

Glowing Candles Winter Wedding Decor

Scattered lighted candles add a nice and romantic feels to your winter wedding. Aside from the beautiful effect the candles create, it can also help your guests feel a bit warm. You can place the candles inside clear glasses, some can be floating on water, and others can be placed on antique candelabras.  

Gold Accents and Evergreens Winter Wedding Inspo

Set your tables with gold plates and a sprig of evergreen. The scent coming off the fresh evergreen will remind your guests of cozy winter feels. Instead of gold plates, you can also make use of gold tiffany chairs or gold candelabras for your winter wedding theme. Other gold accents you can try are table napkins, table runners, and gold bud vases.  s


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