How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

We can probably all agree that planning a wedding can be very expensive. Of course, we all want to have a dreamy and magical wedding. However, for those people who do not have enough budget, this can be hard. If you are one of those couples who have a tight budget, then here are some tips to still fulfill a magical wedding without breaking the bank. 


Opt for a Backyard Wedding

A big chunk of the budget goes to wedding venues. To save on this, why not hold your wedding reception in your backyard? You can transform your backyard into a woodland themed venue. Just add some string lights, lush garlands, and some flowers, and you now have a beautiful wedding reception just outside your home.


Have an Intimate Wedding

You do not need to invite all your friends on Facebook. All you need to be there on your wedding day are your closest friends and family. Intimate weddings can be even more meaningful rather than inviting all the people you know. Another advantage of having only a few people around aside from saving money is that you get a chance to mingle with all of them.


No Need to Splurge on Wedding Dress

Yes, you would want to be in the best wedding dress that you can find. However, it does not have to expensive. There are now bridal gowns that you can rent, and this is a cheaper option compared to buying a new one. You may also want to consider wearing your mother's wedding dress. A little alteration to make it more you or more modern, and you'll now have your perfect wedding gown.


DIY Wedding Favors and Decors

Show your artistic side by creating your wedding decors and favors. You can ask for help from your bride squad and family members. It can be a fun activity that you can do with your friends. They can even help you out come up with great ideas on how to fulfill your dream wedding.


Serve Tasty Comfort Food

You do not need to come up with a fancy set of menu for your wedding. Most of the time, guests appreciate it more if they actually know what they are eating and not some hard to pronounce food on the menu. All you need to do to make it look fancy is by serving them creatively.


Qs: How do I know if my custom gown will align with my dress vision?

A: This is a very common question and we completely understand you may be worried about how your final custom gown will look like! There will always be a degree of unknown in any custom process, however rest assured we've definitely taken this into consideration. When we finished the dress, we will send you dress pictures and videos to you first. We will provide as much visual reference as we can to ensure that we’re aligned on your vision and your final gown reflects this! 

Qs: I can not find the dress models you have display on Pinterst/ Instagram/FB?

A: Ostty will update new models on Social network. If you can not find them on website, you can send the pictures or videos via Whatapp or email, we will quote for you. Please feel free to contact us. 

Qs: How do I provide measurements?

A: Ostty will provide a detailed list of measurements for your dress so all aspects are accounted for. You can have them taken at a local seamstress or ask someone help to take then together.

Qs: How Long do you need to custom made dress?

A: Normally it needs 35-45 days. We advice you order the dress before 3 months of your party.

Qs: Can I make some changes of your design?

A: Yes. If you want to make some changes of the dresses. Such and neckline, sleeves and back design, etc. Please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp or Email.

Qs: Will my "made to measure" dress fit perfectly?

A: Our goal in providing a made to measure service is to have our products to suit your body shape as best as possible. However, even with Made-to-Measure products we don't expect that all items will fit perfectly upon receipt, however as they are made for your proportions our brides generally require less alterations compared to standard sizing. A perfect fit can only be achieved in person with an experienced seamstress. Our gowns have been designed for easy alterations or adjustments. 

Qs: What's your Return Policy?

A:  All gowns are final sale & we do not accept returns for other reasons. All the dresses before we ship out, We check it very carefully. And size will custom made in personal size. We will send you dress pictures and videos, you can check everything before we ship out.

Qs: What's Progress in Order from Ostty?

A:  1. Offer Us Your Size info.
2. Tell Us Your Wedding Date.
3. Make Payment of the Dress.
4. We Start Customized Your Dress.
5. After We Finished, We Take videos and pictures to Show You. 
6. After you check everything is ok. We ship out  the Dress.

Qs: Wholesale & dropshipping?

A: Yes.

We are a direct-to-customer factory of customized dresses. 

For all original photos and videos, please follow us on Instagram @ostty_gowns

While specializing in retailing, we also accept small wholesale orders from group buyers(such as bridesmaids, school or company's evening parties), bridal boutiques, salons, rental shops, etc. High quality duplicate from any designer styles; Please contact us for more discount.

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